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"Was Ending Slavery Unfair?" Fox News Host Ask Question We Were All Thinking But Too Afraid To Ask

Tucker Swanson Carlson, host of the Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News made liberals cry last night after he posed the question we were all thinking but just to afraid to ask, "Was ending slavery unfair?"

"Welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight. Tonight, 1st generation slaves who lived and died slaves are spinning in their graves. Let's jump right into it...was giving freedom to black people wrong? I'm just asking questions. To live in a functioning society, things have to be fair. And everybody knows it. If not things will fall apart. And pretty quickly. As you all know, President Abraham Lincoln decided to emancipate slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation (maniacal laugh) Of course most liberals celebrated this move but I want to ask a real question that no one is thinking about...what about the 1st and 2nd generation of slaves? Doesn't anybody care about them anymore? How unfair was this, to their struggle? All the hard work they put in, in helping us around the house only to get slapped in the face by the Lincoln administration, just so their lazy entitled grandkids could see the freedom they never did? This is immoral, and don't let anybody in the media tell you otherwise. As you all already know, I'm a billionaire who pretends to lookout for the little guy by asking tough questions that in reality, only help the rich. But tonight I weep for America. After Lincoln freed slaves, Millions of slaves were free to roam around these United States. They invaded your neighborhoods, dated your daughters, and stole your horses. If we were going to spend the tax dollars of hard working Americans, shouldn't we have spent this money to people like Stanley Carlyle- who at the time was the oldest living veteran from the Revolutionary War who was forever maimed by the war. Or Earl Hodges, police officer out of Boston who was shot by a runaway slave? These are Americans who deserve our hard earned tax dollars, and the fruit of our labor. But who are we kidding, despite all my "looking out for the folks" postering, I hate helping average people so nobody should get a damn thing...but I'm just asking questions. (haha) If we did do something good for the people tho, the money should have gone to them not some lazy, entitled slave who probably hates America anyway. America's ruin is imminent."

Tucker Carlson remains the most watched Tv News Cable show for a reason. He isn't scared of the libtard establishment. He's a fighter and he always asks the tough questions to help keep America on the straight and narrow. Reporting from the Hells Tavern Studio, that's the damn truth....more or less.

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