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HT #18| Omar "Compadre" Rodriguez

Watch here: https://www.hellstavernrgv.com/hells-tavern-rgv-videocast

Listen here: https://www.hellstavernrgv.com/hells-tavern-rgv-podcast

Omar "Compadre" Rodriguez is standup comedian and documentarian, straight out of the #RGV. Hells Tavern host RC3 "El Jefe"...was happy to have Omar Rodriguez in studio. The topics discussed were many...the glasses of whiskey drank...too many to count. They argued politics, they toasted to Benjamin Franklin and the late great Pat Tillman. They spoke of Qanon conspiracies and sparred over abortion. They wondered out loud about Hershel Walkers glitching brain function... They parleyed over the age old question "what is truth"...and although had no respectable answers...the conversation was at least entertaining. Here's to our great country, where two people who never met...can sit for three hours, imbibe whiskey, share their thoughts...and present them to the public. Cheers. Follow Omar Rodriguez here ----------> https://www.facebook.com/Gordiguez

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