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5 Takeaways From The Red Drizzle Election 2022

1.) You can’t win a republican primary without Trump...you can’t win a general election with Trump. Trump is damaged goods. He might have a solid 30% support within the republican base (who come out and vote in primaries) but that doesn’t transfer into the general public. Even Trump ass kissing Kari Lake who was viewed as an up and coming superstar in the Republican party is behind in the Arizona Governor race. And if she comes back, she’ll win by not much.

2.) America doesn’t like the direction the country is going under Democrats… but that doesn’t mean they like Republicans. This is my favorite takeaway. As a #walkaway from the 2 party duopoly, this is comforting. This is my opinion, but extreme Christian right wing politics in the form of extreme abortion bans, congressional republicans voting against contraception protection for women, voting against codifying gay marriage into law, voting against the veterans PACT act, voting against a law against price gouging at the pump, voting against lowering the price of insulin, having no solutions for inflation other than tax cuts for elites, maniacal obsessions with election conspiracies, and Donald Trump leader worship, etc. doesn’t help. Voting against something is important, but you also gotta give people something to vote for. Please learn this lesson Republicans.

3.) The future of the Republican party belongs to Ron Desantis...not Trump. Ron Desantis’s Florida redistricting gave republicans 5 seats in the house. Ron also beat his democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, by almost 20 points! That’s pretty fucking crazy.

4.) Tulsi Gabbard and the #walkaway movement is irrelevant. Tulsi Gabbards “Please like me Republican party” strategic move, and endorsement of Republican MAGA warriors, backfired. Maybe Trump will throw her a bone and give her a VP spot...but Kari Lake is the new MAGA darling...win or lose.

5.) Candidate quality Matters. Christian evangelicals have some soul searching to do. You can’t be pro-life, pro-family, pro-God...and then send shit for brains Hershel Walker to the Senate. In your own language, he is a baby killing, family destroying socio-path...and you’ve decided that a bit of power is more important than testimony. Own it. Be better. Dr. Oz? Need I say more? You've insulted America's intelligence with a slew of Trump loyalist morons. There is more to politics than "owning the libs."

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